"G"-Litter Assol Maris Stella+Garfield Severnoe Sozvezdie

 3 kittens: 1 boy и 2 girls. All babies're seal=point

mother Assol Maris Stella seal-point

Ch (WCF)

father Garfield Severnoe Sozvezdie


Ch (WCF)

Grace Maris Stella

female seal-point

lives in Poland

Grloria Maris Stella

female seal-point

lives in Ekaterinburg

Grarold Maris Stella

male seal-point

lives in Moscow

We have Neva masquerade kittens of different colors: seal-point, seal-tabby-point, blue-point, blue-tabby-point, blue-silver-tabby-point. You can leave your request for a kitten in any convenient way for you.

“Кошек не любит только тот, кто еще не встретил свою кошку„                             Дебора А. Эдварс


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