Rules of reservation

You can reserve kitten in its any age. You can also make a request for a kitten from your favorite pair. Deposit for the kitten is 30-50 % of its value. In case of refusal (if future potential owner change his (her) mind as for kitten) of a kitten the Deposit is not refundable. If the Deposit was 100%, refundable 50% of its value.

Breeder can refuse in purchacing  kitten  to any person on any stage of negotiations. If breeder change his mind and decide not to sell kitten (with deposit),  the Deposit will be refunded in the near future at 100%



Contract on the Transfer of the Rights to the Breeding Animal from the MARIS STELLA Cattery

Moscow "___" ________ 20 __


This contract is concluded between the MARIS STELLA Cattery in the person of its head Anna Stukalova, address _____________________________ hereinafter referred to as the "Breeder", and (Name) ___________________________, address ______________________________hereinafter referred to as the "Owner", as follows.

1. The Subject of the Agreement

1.1. On the basis of a mutual agreement between the parties, the Breeder undertakes to transfer to the Owner on the terms of this agreement the Animal no earlier than 2.5-3 months, and the Owner undertakes to accept the breeding animal and pay a voluntary contribution for it.

1.2. Information about the animal:

Name: ________________

Registration number: No. ________________

Sex: ____________

Date of Birth: ________

Colour: _____________

Breed: Siberian / Neva Masquerade

1.3. On the day of the transfer, the animal corresponds to the following class (the desired circle): BREED/PET

1.4. This agreement is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of articles 160, 161, 492, 497 and 500 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in two copies, one for each party having equal legal force, and shall enter into force upon its signing by both parties and when Breeder receive the full amount of the voluntary contribution Notarization of the contract is not required.

1.5. The responsibility of the parties is established by this Treaty, and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

2. Conditions for the transfer of the animal

2.1. The breeder confirms that at the time of transfer the animal is completely healthy. The animal lacks ecto- and endoparasites, it does not suffer from fungal diseases, there are no signs of viral diseases.

2.2. At the time of the transfer of the animal, its partial (initial) or complete vaccination as carried out, will be noted in the veterinary passport.

2.3. The owner has the right, within three days from the date of the transfer of the kitten at his own expense, to check the animal's health in veterinary institutions that have a state license. The breeder undertakes to take back the animal with a lump sum refund within 10 (ten) days from the date of transfer with the presentation of a proper veterinary certificate confirming the ill health of the animal at the time of acquisition, without taking into account the amount spent by the Owner for the maintenance of the kitten. If the Owner has not exercised the right given to him by this clause of the Treaty, further claims for health to the Breeder shall not be accepted, no refunds shall be made.

2.4. The transfer of an animal with hidden defects, deficiencies and genetic diseases that can not be determined by actinization is not liable either to the Cattery or to the Club that issued the pedigree to the animal.

2.5. If the animal is transferred as a BREED / SHOW-class, the Breeder gives guarantees of exhibition quality at the time of sale and no visible genetic defects. The breeder is not responsible for the further development of the animal and the success of his exhibition career.


2.6. The owner undertakes to provide the transferred animal with the proper and inherent care and maintenance, timely veterinary services in public or private licensed veterinary clinics, strict and mandatory compliance with the order of deworming and annual preventive vaccinations. The animal is not to be kept in a cage.

2.7. The breeder guarantees the conformity of the animal to the quality specified in this Treaty.

2.8. In case the animal is transferred as a PET class, the Owner undertakes to sterilize it before reaching the age of 10 months of age or not to use it as a breeding producer.

2.9. The owner is aware that the cruel treatment of animals (hunger, refusal to drink, beating, use of other violence), contrary to the principles of humanity, entails criminal liability, in accordance with Article 245 of the Criminal Code. In the event that the Breeder becomes aware of a poor physical or uninhabited state of the animal or of the facts of ill-treatment, the Animal is going to be immediately returned to the Breeder without the return of the Voluntary Contribution previously paid by the Owner.

2.10. In case of unwillingness or refusal of the Owner from further keeping the animal, the Breeder may take it back. At the same time, the voluntary contribution is not returned and the amount spent for its maintenance is not compensated.

2.11. The owner confirms that the Breeder has given exhaustive recommendations on feeding and keeping the animal. The breeder, in turn, undertakes to provide the Owner with further advice on the pedigree use of the animal and the organization of the exhibition career.

2.12. Animal is the property (property) of the Owner in accordance with Article 137 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and on the terms of this Agreement.

Further responsibility for the life and health of the animal lies with the owner!

3. Voluntary contribution.

3.1. The Voluntary Contribution of the Owner for the animal of the breeder under this Agreement is __________________________

3.2. The owner has to to pay the full summ of voluntary contribution before kitten's departure to owner or collect the kitten by himself (by the owner).

3.3. If the Owner fails to comply with the terms of paragraph 3.2. The breeder has the right to consider the refusal from further acquisition of the kitten.

The deposit amount in case of refusal of the kitten is not returned.

3.4. If the kitten is not transferable to the Owner for reasons beyond the breeder's control (illness, death or loss of the animal), the amount of the pledge is returned in full original amount.

3.5. All additional costs that the Breeder can incur until the moment the kitten is handed over to the Owner are paid by the Owner additionally under a separate arrangement (transportation costs for the kitten's shipment).

4. Other conditions.

4.1. Breeder wishes: regular submission of photos of the animal in electronic form to the mail, I would like to see the animal at the exhibitions. In the case of a successful exhibition career and the availability of potential - we invite the animal to the nursery for breeding work.

4.2. This Agreement is made in two copies in Russian/English, one for each party having equal legal force, and shall enter into force upon signature and pursuance of paragraph 3.2.

5. Disputes and Disagreements

5.1. In case of occurrence, all disputes and disagreements shall be resolved by negotiations of the parties, and in case of impossibility of reaching an agreement - in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation in courts of general jurisdiction at the place of "Breeder".6. Signatures of the parties

6.1. Signatures of the Buyer and the Seller certify their complete agreement with all the terms of this Agreement.

6.2. Both parties undertake to recognize the facsimile copy of this Agreement on a par with the original.

  Breeder____________________________ Owner____________________________________


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